Our Farm

Gilbrea Farm derives its name from the historical Wilson family farm in the Lakes District of Northern England. Now in Hillsburgh, Ontario Gilbrea is under the management of Bob Wilson (OAC 82) with the assistance of his daughter Katie.

Drawing on experience and industry sources Gilbrea incorporates best management practices that have proven to contribute to our success.

  • Cows are bred in November to take advantage of the health benefits of calving on pasture in late summer and early fall.
  • Calves stay with cows on pasture through the winter and start a development program in early spring.
  • Low stress handling methods are consistently employed for the benefit of our handlers and our herd.
  • Nutrition plans are designed based on feed quality testing and individual needs

In 2005 Gilbrea introduced Leachman Stabilizer genetics. The improvements in functionality and performance of our herd have been significant. In 2008 we were honored to accept the opportunity to become a Leachman Cooperator. As a cooperator we follow standard data collection and submission guidelines. Data is analyzed and evaluated across all cooperator herd animals. The resulting EPD’s and $Profit values are fundamental determinants in the management of our herd.

Bob WIlson

“Using Stabilizer genetics provides you the advantages of hybrid vigour without the complications of managing a rotational breeding program.”

~Bob Wilson